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Shana Verstegen - Fitness Director

Shana is a TRX and American Council on Exercise Master Instructor and a 6-time world champion lumberjack athlete. She also holds records as a collegiate pole-vaulter and is a nationally ranked fitness competitor. She holds a degree in Kinesiology - Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and is a certified personal trainer through ACE, NASM and NFPT. She works with all different fitness levels with a variety of goals with an emphasis on putting FUN into Fitness. Although comfortable with all populations, she holds a special place in her heart for children, the disabled, and overweight clients. An energetic and personable speaker, she is also the National spokesperson for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America. For more information about me and how I can help you, please visit:

Luanne Vogel - Group Exercise Director

Luanne has been helping clients from ages 3 to 93 over the past 25 years. She trains in both one on one personal training and larger class settings. She has also developed programs for older adults and adults wanting to experience the power of TRX (suspension) training. On a personal level Luanne has achieved a 1/2 ironman triathlon, marathons, sprint triathlons, 100 mile bikes races, and even the Hustle Up the Hancock. Most importantly, Luanne has a passion to help teach and provide others a road map to improve their state of body and mind while having fun along the way.

To schedule personal training sessions, please contact Supreme Health and Fitness at: (608) 274-5080 and ask for Luanne! or e-mail:

Peter Verstegen

Being active has always been a cornerstone of my life. From a very young age I’ve been involved in sports and other outdoor activities. Soccer, football, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, martial arts, and lacrosse are some of the main activities that I have taken part in. In addition to being a participant, I have also taught and coached swimming and diving to people of all ages. Recently, I started doing triathlons, and have competed in Ironman Wisconsin twice. My education was continued at East West Healing Arts in massage therapy. I enjoy sharing my passion for both physical and mental health, and hope to help people in their goals of overall wellness. I would love to help you develop and achieve your goals!

To schedule personal training sessions, please contact Supreme Health and Fitness at: (608) 274-5080 or contact Peter directly at

Abby Behling

My success and excitement about fitness led me to change careers to personal training and class instructing. 
 I believe in the power of a personal trainer, because it has worked for me! I love having the opportunity to making a difference in other people’s lives. Please feel free to ask me any questions when you see me around the gym! To schedule personal training sessions, please contact SupremeHealth and Fitness at: (608) 274-5080 or e-mail Abby directly at:

Becky Jalbert

Health & Fitness have played a big role in my life from a very young age. Whether it was being force-fed whole- wheat carob chip cookies or building forts in the woods, the seed for a health conscious, active lifestyle were planted in early childhood.
I have participated and trained for all kinds of athletic endeavors including volleyball, racquetball, triathlons, golf, marathons and figure competitions. I have a real passion for fitness, and as a personal trainer, I love sharing what I have learned to help others reach their personal fitness goals. To schedule personal training sessions, please contact Supreme Health and Fitness at: (608) 274-5080 or e- mail:


Jenna Draeger

With my combined backgrounds in Personal Training and Physical Therapy, I have a thorough understanding of fitness programming across the lifespan and for those at varying fitness levels. I also specialize in functional fitness, core stabilization and strengthening, balance training, and working with individuals with past or present injuries. I have over fifteen years of fitness experience, and I love helping people reach their fitness goals!
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Allie Millonzi

I have had a life long passion for athletics and sports since I can remember. I grew up playing soccer, running, snowboarding and any other sporting event my Mom would sign me up for. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Platteville with a bachelor of science in Health Promotion and Sport Science; I earned a 4-year letter for women’s soccer and also hold 3 school records.

I have been an ACE personal trainer since 2012 training clients of all ages and fitness levels. I became a trainer to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them build a healthy lifestyle, creating support systems, and making fitness fun yet challenging. I specialize in weight-loss, women’s strength training, group training, prenatal/postnatal programs, athletic endurance, balance & flexibility, and boot camps.

On my down time I am the program director of a non-profit charity fundraiser to raise money for local charities through out Madison while teaching the community to be healthy and active. I look forward to sharing my philosophy and experience at Supreme Health and Fitness!

Janet Cresson

Call her crazy, but Janet has come to believe that there may actually be something to all the hype about aerobic activity, bending, stretching and even breaking a sweat. She's even gone so far as to admit that there may be some benefit to going out of doors and moving. She states, "I've found I have way more energy for other things in life, like eating!" Her rumored dependency on a good chocolate chip cookie has been supported through a lifetime of activity from a youngster in a tutu, a gangly gymnast and an avid downhill skier, to romps in the woods with her furry friends. "I'm in it for the long haul! And since I'll probably live until I'm 300, that's an awful lot of cookies..." 

Janet has over 25 years of fitness instruction experience and is still going strong. The only thing she may enjoy more than her cookies is sharing her knowledge and passion for wellness in the weight room, the group exercise studio or with you one-on-one on your yoga mat. We can guarantee that Janet will be happy to help you out -- just don't expect her to share her cookie.


Michelle Labno

Being active has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember - from a casually competitive game of volleyball to completing several half marathons and a bunch of things in between. I love to be active and learn how to be better at what I’m doing every day. I also love to help and teach others, which I have been able to do through swim lessons here at Supreme since 2010! I love being able to develop relationships with people and help them learn and become confident, stronger and more aware of their body. I am so excited to train at Supreme and share my passion for a healthy lifestyle with you!

Please schedule personal training sessions at: 608-422-3881 or email Michelle directly at:


Jesse Lynch

I have been an active person my entire life and believe that physical activity should be fun and enjoyable! I was born and raised in Madison and graduated from UW – La Crosse with a bachelor’s in Exercise Sport Science - Fitness. I love being outdoors and enjoy doing many activities including golf, road biking, running and skiing. As a trainer, I enjoy sharing my passion for total body wellness and helping people achieve their goals.

To schedule personal training sessions, please contact Supreme Health and Fitness at: (608) 274-5080 or contact Jesse at


Jenny Quinn

Certified through the nationally accredited ACE program as a Personal Trainer,Jenny has been a group exercise instructor here at Supreme since 2006. She holds teaching certifications through Johnny G Spin, Les Mills BodyPump, and TRX.

With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, she understands the importance of working out- not only for physical health, but for mental wellness too. She is ready to help you with any fitness goal(s) that you may have. To schedule personal training sessions, please contact Supreme Health and Fitness at: (608) 274-5080 or e- mail:


Laura Oliva

I became a personal trainer in 2006, born out of a burning desire to help other people avoid the frustration of trying to figure out fitness on their own. I also saw that many people, especially women, were suffering needlessly - punishing themselves with unsustainable restrictive diets, hours of random cardio, and not nearly enough of any activities that were FUN and INTERESTING! It has been a core piece of my mission to help clients shift away from fitness as strictly a calorie-burning punishment to fitness as a vehicle for deep and lasting physical and mental transformation. My methodology includes functional strength training, balance/flexibility/mobility play, mindful movement, and teaching sustainable and realistic ways to build fitness into your life. 
As an ACE-certified personal trainer, my specialties are strength training for women, strength/balance/mobility/flexibility training for older adults, and creating fitness programming accessible for clients with injuries or other physical limitations. I love what I do, and I am excited to share my love for fitness with the community at Supreme Health and Fitness!


Shannon Maguire

Through the encouragement of friends I entered 5k races, then 15k races and ultimately the Chicago Mara- thon. Since moving to Wisconsin 14 years ago I have competed in numerous triathlons including 4 Wisconsin Ironman races.

I take a lot of pride in the accomplishments of each client and love seeing the satisfaction they get from regular exercise. I enjoy the challenge of training a wide variety of people, giving them the skills and enthusiastic support they need, whether their goal is weight loss, body composition change, conditioning for a sport, training for marathons and triathlons, or simply being able to pick up a grandchild.

To schedule personal training sessions, please contact Supreme Health and Fitness at: (608) 274-5080 and ask for Shannon! or e-mail:


Alyssa Ramos

Being able to move your body is powerful! I learned about weight training, HIIT workouts, and anything else I could do at the local gym. This transformed my life; and ultimately, I became certified in personal training. There are so many lessons I have learned on my journey, and I cannot wait to share that knowledge with others.

To schedule personal training sessions, please contact Supreme Health and Fitness at: (608) 274-5080 or email Alyssa directly at:


Joe Franz

Athletics and competition have always been a key part of my life. Ever since I was able to walk I can recall spending most of my free time playing baseball and football in the summers and playing basketball and skiing in the winters. Unfortunately, around the end of high school I experienced chronic hip and back pain that sidelined me for most of my athletic activities - I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Thankfully, I was able to stay connected to competitive sports by coaching my hometown’s high school summer baseball team.  It was here where I found a passion coaching young athletes to develop their bodies along with sport specific skill sets. My long history of athletics and my diagnosis sparked an interest in the human body and how it could adapt and change to a plethora of physical demands. This led me to pursue a B.S. of Kinesiology at UW-Madison and hope to continue education in the field of physical therapy.

 If you want to book a session with Joe, please contact Supreme Health and Fitness at 

(608) 274-5080 or email Joe at